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Ideas Need a Platform

An idea 💡 without a platform is like a rock star without a stage. 🎪 It’s not going to be seen by many people….

Insights and Culture

How do you get an organization to act differently? I’d argue that it’s a combination of insights 💡 and culture 🎀. The insights 🌟…

Can Your Ideas Adapt?

Good thought leadership is evergreen. And yet it must adapt to topics of the day. Simply put: you can’t be stubborn. What topic is…

Idea Factory

Today, the parable of the “idea factory” run amok: Imagine, if you will, a small manufacturing company 🏛️that produces square blue widgets 🟦. They…

Cut the Gordian Knot

When we encounter a challenge that’s new to us. Our first instinct is to try to solve it ourselves. 🤔 Rather than ask “Who…

What’s Content Insecurity?

People who practice thought leadership get stuck a lot. I’m building a list of ways they can self-sabotage. And I’d love your help brainstorming….

The Best Thought Leadership

The best thought leadership content has “onion skin.” 🧅 The deeper you go, the more wisdom it offers. But here’s the big question: “Will…

Hey! Say something smart!

“We need you to say something smart!” Yup, thought leadership starts with a tiny nudge. 🤔 Maybe that’s a journalist asking for a quote….

Share Imperfect Ideas

If your org wants to be good at thought leadership, you need your people to know it’s okay to share 📢 imperfect ideas. 💡…