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Idea Generation and Remote Work

I’m deeply interested in how ideas 💡 emerge and spread.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan once said
remote work💻 “doesn’t work in terms of spontaneous idea generation.”
What struck me was the use of the word *spontaneous*. 💥💥

In many ways, I think the business world has become much more structured in its conversations.

🕑 We’re late to fewer meetings when they are on Zoom.
🕘 We don’t have casual conversations with colleagues.

I support the concept of hybrid work.
It makes sense for people to come together on occasion.

But there are plenty of places where unstructured
and spontaneous conversations and ideation is happening
–such as here on LinkedIn.

I’d argue that the *flow* of ideas has changed
because of remote work (new pathways and media).
Clubhouse stands out as one example.

💡 Idea generation didn’t stop during the pandemic.
💡It didn’t even slow down – it just changed forms and expressions.

Like a river, it  jumped its banks and found new ways to the sea.

What do you think about idea generation?

💬 What’s changed forever?
💬 What will return?


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