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Stop, Drop, and Roll

Thought leaders, by definition, have good insights 💡they want to share.
It’s fun to talk to them at a cocktail party 🎉or informal gathering. 🥂
But—here’s the big question—are you going to remember their content
on Tuesday afternoon when the office is exploding 💥and you’re stressed?

Remember the old adage that teaches you what to do if you’re on fire? 🔥
Stop 🛑, drop ⬇️, and roll ➰!

The directions are clear, memorable, and actionable.

When people are stressed, we don’t deal well with complexity.
It’s called “cognitive load;”
the amount of mental effort 🧠 necessary
to push something from short-term knowledge
into long-term recollection.

If you make your content teachable, it becomes more salable.
Clients and buyers have pain points that they want to address,
and they’re looking for solutions that people
will grasp, remember, and actually use.

Your content needs to be memorable⭐
and provide clear directives for behavioral change.
The easier thought leadership content is to digest and apply,
the more you change behavior.

If you have five minutes with a CEO, they should walk away
remembering the primary beats of your content.
Then, they know their people will pick it up easily, too.

The best thought leadership content has “onion skin.” 🧅
The deeper you go, the more you realize it has a great deal of acumen and wisdom.

Keep your content sharp, easy to remember, and filled with depth
– the “stop, drop and roll!” of thought leadership!


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