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Create a Solid Editorial Plan

When a lot of thoughtleaders create content, 📝
Like blog posts, videos, books, keynotes, or workshops,
they usually sit down with a blank page. 📖

That can lead to a lot of wasted time!
As content creators, blank pages don’t hold our attention.
Instead of leaping 🦘 onto a topic and excitedly framing 🖼️ your ideas,
you stare at the emptiness, struggling to fill it.

The best way to build your content is to create a solid editorial plan.

🥇 Outline themes you want to focus on.
🥈 Create a list of topics you want to explore.
🥉 Keep an archive of the strongest pieces of your content.

Once you’ve made this list (or excel sheet),
You can go back to it whenever you need
To create a blog or other piece of content.
You’ll know what you want to talk about,
And you’ll have a bunch of topics ready to start!

That’s called having an editorial plan!

End the tyranny of the blank page.
Take a long, hard look at your content,
and concentrate on its strongest themes.

That’s how you turn out strong, focused assets in the least amount of time. ⏳


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