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The Strength of Narrowcasting

Forget “one size fits all” messaging —
narrowcasting outperforms broadcasting.

Instead of broadcasting your ideas on every wavelength,
👀Find your target audience
💯create relationships they trust
🎁share what you know.

It’s an excellent way to become relevant.

You listen 🎧 to your target audience’s needs,
You prioritize🔝 their feedback,
And you become deeply relevant to them.

99.99% of the world will see your work and say
“this is deeply irrelevant to me.”
They’ll move on.

And that’s actually great.

Thought leadership creates impact by going narrow.
And focusing on the few
Rather than the many.

When you do it right,
your audience will feel
that you’re in the room
talking to *them* personally.

That’s the strength of narrowcasting. 📣

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