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Ideas Need a Platform

An idea 💡 without a platform
is like a rock star without a stage. 🎪
It’s not going to be seen by many people.

It’s not enough to have a great idea.
That idea needs to stand on its own.
It needs a platform to get it out into the world. 🌎

People spend years growing strong personal brands.
Orgs invest millions of dollars 💵 on their brands.

And ideas?
Ideas need a platform.

So, what’s a platform, and what makes it so powerful?

A platform is the one or two sentence summary
that people can use to describe your idea
in a coffee shop ☕ conversation with a friend.

A good platform makes the idea accessible.

It speaks in an accessible, authentic voice.
It puts the idea in simple terms.
It summarizes useful ideas.
And it signals deep relevance to its audience.

If you thought leadership doesn’t have a good platform,
Other people will overlook your ideas—
Even if they are pure genius and deeply relevant to them.

It’s kind of like going to a music festival. 🎪
You want your ideas to be seen.
So, you need to elevate them and put them on stage.

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