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Your Smartest Insight Will be Noise

Your smartest insight will be noise
to 99% of the people here.
And the people who *might* care
will only notice your idea
when a *lot* of things go right.

⛓️The algorithm serves them your idea. (good luck!)

⛓️They clicked “see more” and didn’t just scroll by.

⛓️They stopped to consider your idea, and
they explored how it would relate to them.

⛓️And, perhaps most importantly,
they knew what step to take next.

Any break in that chain of events
and your idea gets forgotten.
Another person moves on.

That’s why anyone who says:
“Yes, I posted that idea *once* on LinkedIn”
causes me to
🙄 roll my eyes
🤣 laugh heartily for a while
🔁 and say “keep repeating your message.”

When you practice thought leadership, you have to embrace being persistent.

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