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What do You Signal to Your Audience?

Good thought leadership is like bright plumage.
A bird’s bright plumage and fancy feathers
signals that it is healthy and has sufficient resources.

In some ways, thought leadership sends a similar signal.
In order to do it regularly, you need a healthy org
with a healthy culture and balance sheet.

What do you signal to your audience
when your org practices thought leadership?

🧠 Smart people work at your org.
❤️ Your people “get” what your audience cares about.
😃 They have genuine passion for their work/expertise.
💡 They’re willing to share their good ideas with the org.
🎁 Your org can afford to give some of its good ideas away.

An org with an unhealthy culture or a weak balance sheet
can practice thought leadership for a while.
Sure, you can always “fake” it.

But to make thought leadership sustainable.
You need to be healthy financially and culturally.

Just like the red-headed cardinal pictured below.
If you want your org to stand out,
you’ve got to do the fundamentals right.

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Pictured: Red-headed cardinal