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Relevancy in Thought Leadership

Is your thought leadership seaworthy? 🌊
A lot of orgs put insights out into the world
and assume it will sail swiftly⛵ to the horizon!

But then… it just floats. 🛶

So, what happened?

Thought leadership without relevancy
is like a boat ⛵ without sails, motor or oars:
it floats, but it doesn’t go anywhere. 💦

Relevancy means that the content is close to the audience’s heart.
💖 It means something to them,
🏫 And it makes your organization stand out.

However, many thought leaders develop insights
without considering relevancy.
The audience’s needs are overlooked.

Even worse, some orgs treat
the audience as a lead —
Someone to push through a sales funnel —
And fill this month’s sales quota.

Yeah, if that’s the motor 🏎️ for your idea
it’s not going to race around the world. 🌍

Thought leadership needs to have meaning,
Provide relevant insights 🌟 and ideas,
And build a following that trusts and relies on those foundations.

To do it successfully, you must show purpose.
Maintain consistency and stay on-target.

That’s where you’ll find wind to fill your sails.

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