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Pointcasting Thought Leadership

Your “target audience” doesn’t see themselves that way at all.

I ran into this hummingbird this morning.

I was ready to go on my morning run.
It was hovering at head height, two feet away —
feeding from the flowering bushes.

“Surely, it’ll fly away before I can close the door and grab my camera.”

Nope, the hummingbird ignored me.
I was invisible and irrelevant.
The flowering bushes were everything.
And I was able to get this picture.

I often use the metaphor of the hummingbird for pointcasting thought leadership.

You pointcast to VIPs you are trying to reach and influence.

And this photo reveals a nuance of pointcasting.

When you’re trying to get a VIP to embrace an idea:

👂put your idea at center stage, not yourself.

♥️ prepare and nurture the idea as a gift.

😍 make the idea as appealing as possible.

🐭 Be willing to stay in the background.

🎉 Don’t call attention to yourself.

Pointcasting is an art of subtle influence. It focuses a lot of time and effort on VIPs.

Much of the work is done long beforehand.

And if you’re both lucky and skillful, they embrace your idea.

If you get a picture–well that’s a bonus!

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