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No Strategy 🡪 No Scale

Most thought leadership never reaches scale.
Why? Shouldn’t good ideas 💡 be enough?!

I’ve worked with hundreds of thought leadership efforts.
And I see a consistent pattern.

Scale requires strategy.
No strategy 🡪 no scale.

Strategy is how you get your org’s ideas into the marketplace.
It’s how you give those ideas an advantage
In a noisy world full of ideas.

Strategy isn’t static. It’s evolutionary.

1️⃣ Craft topics and ideas that excite you
2️⃣ Align your thought leadership with your goals
3️⃣ Define and build your audience
4️⃣ Listen to the responses and refine your effort

If you don’t have a strategy for your thought leadership
It’s unlikely to create any impact.
You’re simply shouting into the wind. 📢💨

You’ll wind up with nothing but a weary voice.
No one will hear you.
You’ll burn a lot of time (and money).
And you’ll make minimal impact.

So, what’s your strategy for thought leadership?

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