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Keep the Insights Coming

I hear this complaint from a lot of thought leaders:
It’s hard to be creative and insightful all the time!

That’s true, but there are steps you can take
To help keep the insights coming.
I’ve made a number of small shifts over time
In order to boost my creativity.

Here are a few:

📅 Going back through my notes at the end of the month, to search for good ideas that had been forgotten.
📝 Keeping post-its beside by desk and bed for ideas to jot down ideas when they occur.
📣 Becoming comfortable “thinking in public” with draft versions of ideas — rather than wait for an idea to be fully polished before I share it.
👍 Using conversations on social media as a way to push ideas forward.
📖 Copying and pasting things I say in social into a living document.

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on ideas.
And, more importantly, on how people create insights.
Great insights are the core of thought leadership.

So tell me, how do you stay creative?
How do you keep track of flash-insights?

You never know where you’ll stumble on the key 🗝️ to your best ideas!

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