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Ideas and Thought Leadership Tell Me More

Org TL Minute: Episode 57

Good thought leadership quickly provokes your audience — to think!
Can you make that happen in less than 60-90 seconds?
People aren’t waiting for you to unpack your idea.
You need to quickly earn that right — and you do that by provoking thought.
Can you provoke thought for your idea in 60 seconds or less?


Hi, Bill Sherman from Thought Leadership Leverage, and today, I want to ask a simple question. Is your idea provocative? Thought leadership, at its heart, needs to be something that gets some people to pause, to think, to consider. If you’re putting out an idea that everyone else leans into and says, ‘Yep, heard that before,’ it’s not thought leadership. What you want is an idea which can be articulated simply, usually in just a sentence or two, and get someone to stop, think, and say, ‘Hm, I haven’t heard that before. I’m not even sure I agree with you but tell me more.’

So, my question to you is, how many polite nods are you getting versus people saying, ‘Tell me more’? That is one of the measures of, have you made your thought leadership core idea accessible to an audience? Now, your audience may be large or small, an audience who hears your message but may not be the ones intended for it may not respond at all. But does your target audience ask the key question, ‘That’s interesting, tell me more?’ Look forward to hearing your thoughts. We’ll talk again soon.


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