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How to Build a Thought Leadership Team

How many people are responsible for thought leadership in your organization?
Organizational thought leadership is about inspiring, and it’s about leading. Moving the needle forward, bringing new and creative thoughts to the table, and sharing those insights with others so that everyone can succeed.
The same is true for creating a thought leadership team!
Putting together the right team is a challenge, and thought leadership practitioners should think carefully about the skills they need to gather and build.
When you are building a thought leadership team, you have to think about the fundamentals:


πŸ•―οΈΒ Insight – Creating great ideas that will inspire and motivate
βœ‰οΈΒ Reach – Locating and narrowcasting those ideas to the audience that needs them most
πŸ“ˆΒ Impact – finding ways to measure metrics that have real relevancy


But there’s one more thing that’s just as important. Enthusiasm.Β πŸ’–
Great thought leadership teams rely on smart thinkers, savvy media talents to deliver the message, and individuals who understand how a message spreads – and can track and improve its ability to impact others.
Teams need sharp strategy, but to really get the ball rolling, teams need real enthusiasm.
They need to feel passionately about their work, about their organization, and about the good they’re doing in the world.
OrgTL is all about driving engagement, so that your ideas can reach scale faster. But to inspire others, it’s important to be inspired, ourselves. Skills are like the car’s engineΒ πŸš—, but passion is the power that drives it forward toward the finish lineΒ πŸ’¨!
So, when you’re building a team of organizational thought leaders, remember: Insight, Reach, Impact and Passion!
Whether you’re looking for insights or just want to grow your knowledge about thought leadership,Β reach out! I’m always happy to talk shop.