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Four business book authors walk into a bar.

True story πŸ“– from a few years ago:
Four business book authors walk into a bar. 🍺

The first was a 1st time author. πŸ“™
Their editor had just sent redlines and comments
on their first draft of the manuscript.
They say: β€œI thought I was close to done.”
Their voice almost sounded numb.

The second smiles supportively. πŸ“•
They’d just launched their first book (the week before).
β€œHang in there,” the second says.”
β€œYou’ll get through it.”
A few minutes later, that same author says to the group,

“I can’t believe I’ll be talking about the same topic for the next 90 days.
I thought I’d gotten these ideas out of my head.”

The third author (published 2 years ago): πŸ“—
“Mate, you’ll be talking about those ideas for far longer than 90 days.
Try two years.”

Author of 10 bestsellers: πŸ“”
[sits quietly and smiles]
“I’ve spent twenty years sharing the same ideas to audiences.
I think people are finally starting to get it now.”

When you have a good idea, πŸ’‘
keep shouting it! πŸ“’
You may be tired of it,
But your audience needs more!

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