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Bridge the Gap

The cartoon below was printed on
*all* my calculus exams in high school.
The hard work lies *between* the idea and the proof.
We can’t rely on a miracle 🌈 to bridge the gap.
This gap is the unspoken challenge at the heart of thought leadership.

My calculus teacher had a sense of humor,
but he taught me a critical lesson.
One that has stuck with me to this day.

You have to bridge the gap. 🌉

I’ve seen some thought leadership folks who focus on creating the big ideas. They have their heads in the clouds🌤️.

And other practitioners keep themselves busy all day creating assets. They’re on a perpetual quest for impact.

Or, to paraphrase South Park’s infamous “Underpants Gnomes”

Step 1: Bold ideas 💡
Step 2: ❓
Step 3: Impact 📊

What’s your Step 2?

Are you (or your org) hoping for a miracle 🌈?

How will your ideas reach scale and produce impact?

If so, it’s time to fill in the details and bridge the gap.

(Art credit: Sidney Harris, 1977)

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