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Audiences Want Your Best Ideas

Audiences don’t want your baggage.
They want your best ideas.
It’s a tough but necessary rule
for #thoughtleadership.

It’s also one that many orgs struggle with.

Good ideas need many hands
and voices to reach scale.
But when you share a good idea,
it should be a joy for
your audience to receive.

Your audience should feel good when they:

✅ Pick up your idea
✅ Share it with someone who needs it.
✅ Use your idea to create impact

OrgTL can burden a good idea with their baggage.

As an idea passes through the org, baggage gets added to the idea.

🚪”We need to gate this idea.”
🪙”Let’s make sure this idea serves us most ”
🐴”This idea will be a Trojan Horse for our Org.”
🪝”We’ll hook our audience with this idea.”

These ways of thinking weigh an idea down.

They make the idea heavier for your audience to pick up and use.

And just like flying ✈️
no one wants to pay extra fees
for your overweight baggage.

If you’re responsible for your
org’s thought leadership —

Always do a baggage check before you send ideas out into the world.

The less “baggage” you add to your ideas
The easier it will be for your audience to pick up!

Photo Source: Meow Wolf‘s Convergence Station in Denver, Colorado.

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