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You Are a Thought Leader. You Are an Explorer

I’ve often heard people ask, “What’s a good metaphor to explain being a thought leader?”

Well, being a thought leader is a lot like being an explorer.

Thought leaders are a great guide to fixing issues that others can’t solve.

Other travelers look at maps, following routes, and adding tools to their equipment to help them travel better and faster.

Thought leaders, on the other hand, are constantly looking for new routes, making new maps, and sharing new tools – they’re redefining the journey! They’re looking for new methods of solving problems, and creating new maps to guide the way to success.

But what if the map’s not quite ready to be shared?

You can’t just assume that if you compile great insights, other travelers will come to find you – they don’t even know that you’re out there breaking new paths. You’ve got to make sure your content lives where your best audience will find it – and that you know what information they need to be successful in their journey.

A good explorer creates useful paths; faster and easier ways between known destinations, or ones that take you to a place that’s relevant. That relevance means your content is close to the audience’s heart. It means something to them.

And that makes your content stand out.

Thought leadership needs to have meaning, the same way a road needs a destination.

If you shape the path wisely, provide relevant insights and ideas, and show that this journey provides possibilities to help your audience overcome their challenges, then you will build a following that trusts and relies on your experience.

Whether you’re looking for insights or just want to grow your knowledge about thought leadership, reach out! I’m always happy to talk shop.