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When Did You Realize You Were a Thought Leader?

A lot of people have insights – but few turn those nuggets of wisdom into real thought leadership.

How long have you been a thought leader?
When did you stop and realize, “My experiences could really help people!”

More and more organizations are making room for thought leadership. It’s becoming a hot career🔥 and a respected title.

Organizational thought leadership is gaining more respect in the corporate world, by bringing smart ideas, innovations, and advancements to the table.

The interesting thing is this:

People say that thought leadership is a new field, but it’s actually been around for a long time.

Innovative leaders have always —

💻 Shared big ideas in a social forum.
🎙 Donated their time, speaking at events.
🔬 Conducted original research.
📕 Written articles, papers, and books.
📣 Helped their organization take ideas to scale.

Thought leadership is everywhere — and it’s a lot more ingrained in organizational culture than most people realize.

You don’t need to have “thought leadership” in your title at work.

But a growing number of people *do* have it in their title. They’re being recognized for their unique contributions and insights.

Some of us have practiced thought leadership for a few years. Others, for a decade — or even two.

Maybe they had a formal understanding of “thought leadership,” and maybe they were just being insightful, enthusiastic, and smart.

I’ve been in this field for just about twenty years, and I plan to stick around and watch thought leadership continue to grow, evolve, and change the world for the better.

So, tell me — when did you realize you were a thought leader?

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