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What’s Your Biggest and Most Unique Insight?

What’s your biggest and most unique insight? 🌟

Can you answer that question for yourself or your org?
That’s the entry point to thought leadership.
Here’s a story of discovery. 🗺️

Some years ago, a client came to us.
She told me that she’d been gathering ideas for ten years.
She’d written these ideas, one by one, on individual pieces of paper
And she had a full ream of pages, waiting for her to develop each idea! 📜📃📜

We sat down and talked.
She told me stories.
She walked me through the insights.
It was the first time she had reviewed
all of her content at one time.

And as we reviewed it together,
she started to see it with much greater clarity.

She identified her core ideas 💡, and
saw which ones were peripheral.

Over the next few months, we polished her best insights.

A brilliant thought leader can come up with thousands of inspirational ideas.
A successful thought leader knows they only need 2-3 big ideas.
They might only need one insight.

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