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What is scale in thought leadership, and how do we reach it? 

What is scale in thought leadership, and how do we reach it?

When I talk about scale, you might think of a kitchen scale. ⚖️
We use them to weigh ingredients.
But even when we weigh flour on that scale,
we’re really interested in the amount and the units.
Often those units are measured as ounces, grams, pounds, or kilograms.

But if we step away 👟from the kitchen and into the world of social media,
we use different measures of scale, such as likes, followers, engagement.

Everyone knows how much a pound or a kilogram is.

What’s the value of a “like”? 🤔

Thought leadership is all about scale,
yet it’s not the number of followers or likes, at least not directly.
It’s really easy to get confused by social media metrics
and even get wrapped up 🎁 in them.
But that’s not the important part.

Thought leadership is not designed to sit on a shelf.
Thought leadership is an idea that demands action.

It needs to be put in front of other people.
They need to become aware 👀 of it.
They need to accept it.

But most importantly, they need to act on it. 🎉

Scale happens when people encounter ideas and choose to act.
Passively clicking “like” or “share” doesn’t mean
your audience is going to adopt the idea, or act on it.

So don’t judge your thought leadership entirely on social media metrics.
You’ll be doing yourself, and your insights, a disservice!

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