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What Idea Would You Stake Your Reputation On?

What professional idea would you champion–
even if you received *death threats* for it?
Tough question, right?
So, let’s take it down a couple levels.

What idea would you stake your professional reputation on?

🐘Is it a big, bold idea? Or
🐭a small churchmouse idea?

Good thought leadership is often edgy/risky.
Consciously so.

It could be your idea.
Or one you have adopted.

Thought leadership challenges us to think deeply about what we believe today.

It asks us take a fresh perspective.

And if you practice organizational thought leadership, you need to know what you stand for.

Too many ideas dress themselves up as thought leadership, but they’re quite small and timid ideas.

People see them, politely agree, and move on.

Then there’s thought leadership that rocks the foundations of a field. It doesn’t come along every day, but when it does–

💥sparks fly
🗯️ debate happens
🙃 the world turns upside down for a while

That’s thought leadership.

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