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What Drives the Thought Leadership Role?

Creating thought leadership for your organization
is a very different kind of job.

It might take up 20-30% of your time,
or it might become your sole responsibility.

But what drives this role?

It depends on your organization.
Orgs use thought leadership in different ways
and for different outcomes.

Here are just a few examples:

⭐build brand affinity and loyalty
🧲 attract leads and prospects (TOFU)
🤔shape how people think about an issue
🌱plant the seeds for future revenue (future offerings)

👉influence buying decisions
⌚sustain conversations with long sales-cycle clients (B2B)
💧expand deeper into account

HR and Talent
🌏 attract world-class talent
🪴grow high-potentials into high-performers
🧑‍🎤retain rock-star talent

So, if you’re asked to practice thought leadership for your org.
You need to ask some questions:

“Who are we trying to reach with my thought leadership work?”
“What are we trying to achieve?”
“How will we measure success?”

Make sure you have those answers.
Otherwise, you’ll head in the wrong direction.

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