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Welding Great Ideas

“Quantum Dentistry” is a great
example of welding insights across fields.
(Even though I’m not sure what it might mean).
Let me explain.

Welding is a process where you take
insights established in one field
and put them against ideas in your own field.

And then you look “in the seams” for new insights.

One of my favorite webcomics, XCKD
offers an excellent example in the comic below.
(Plus it’s a matrix. I love matrices!)

Welding insights often seems ridiculous at first:
“Quantum dentistry”
“High-energy theology”

What the heck are any of those??
And that’s exactly the point of the comic.

Look at the number of papers on Google scholar
where physics concepts are being used
in chemistry, engineering, and psychology.

I haven’t read any of these papers.
But they suggest ideas flowing across fields.
And that’s a really good thing.

Welding existing insights from one field
with existing insights in your own field —
can spark new ideas.

But in order to start welding
you have to be able to ask
“what if?”

You also have to be willing to
seem a bit silly🙃 putting ideas together
that have never been connected before.

Welding is one of four main ways to create
new thought leadership ideas.

🔨Forge–create a brand new idea from nothing
🗡️Sharpen–refine an existing idea in your field
🥽Weld–fuse an idea from another field alongside some of your field’s ideas
🚚Transport–bring an idea from another field into yours unchanged.

What insights can you weld together?
Then, look in the seams for an aha!
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