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Thought leadership requires a wide array of skills

Thought leadership requires a wide array of skills: 🌞

You need to create smart insights, 💡
package them 🎁 in ways that interest others,
and then deploy them successfully 🚛
to create impact.

Thought leadership is all about creating value,
building knowledge,
and getting those insights heard
where they can do the most good.

But there are only so many hours ⏰ in the day!

That’s why I’m always talking about narrowcasting –
The focus needed to get your ideas where they will reach their best audience.
Instead of broadcasting your ideas on every wavelength, 📻
Find your target audience, and create a relationship they trust.

Time is a scarce resource for thought leaders
And for important decision-makers.
If your content doesn’t get right to the point,
And meet the eyes of just the right people,
you’re probably not going to get traction.

So use your skills where they’ll do the most good
With the audience that needs your content most!

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