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Thought Leadership is Not Sterile

Thought leadership is not sterile.
It always contains traces of human thinking and DNA. 🔬

Thought Leadership is a deeply human activity.
It’s difficult (perhaps impossible)
to practice thought leadership
without being tuned in 🎸 to the human side
— both your own, and that of your audience.

You put a lot of yourself into your thought leadership,
even if you’re trying to keep a neutral corporate voice. 📣

So, instead of running from humanity, lean into it.
❤️Tell some of your personal experiences.
👣Share the missteps you’ve made.
❓Ask questions you don’t know the answer to.

When you’re creating new ideas and knowledge,
take some time to think 🤔 about how you achieved your insights
How they changed your life,
And how you want them to affect the lives of others.

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