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Thinking in Public

Sometimes thought leadership is “thinking in public” —
sharing an idea before you have all the answers.
It takes courage to show up less-than-perfect
and say public, “I don’t know . . .
“But I wonder if . . .”

“Thinking in public” starts really good conversations.

What is “thinking in public”?
It’s putting out ideas in draft, unfinished form.

❓Asking a provocative question
🪟 Sharing a draft framework you’re working on
💭 Showing a pattern of anecdata that you’ve noticed
📝 Sharing an early draft of your findings

And instead of seeking validation and accolades
you look for feedback and insight.

In each case, you’re saying publicly
“I’ve got this puzzle piece here”
and I’m trying to make sense of it.

Over the past 48 hours, I’ve seen
some great examples of people
“thinking in public.”

And in each case, fantastic conversations emerged.
Ones where I was glad someone asked the question.
And I was happy to join the conversation.

Ideas accelerate when they are shared.
And when ideas horded until they’re perfect —
well, most of those will never be shared.

So, today, embrace imperfect ideas.
Perhaps share one of your own.
Or when someone asks for help polishing on of theirs —
join in and offer your thoughts.

Practice “thinking in public.”

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