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The Overlooked Part of Thought Leadership

Do you know the most overlooked part of thought leadership?

Would you be surprised to learn that it’s actual leadership?

Many of us in #thoughtleadership are high performers.
We excelled in school and then, in our careers.
We’re driven 🏎️ to succeed.

Unfortunately, there’s no blue ribbon 🥇for “Best Whitepaper in Show.”

Smart ideas are table stakes.
If you really want to take ideas to scale,
You need to influence the way people think and act.

And that requires leadership.

The kind of leadership that
Creates audiences. 🎉
Inspires others to act ⭐
Builds communities. 🏠🏠🏠
And keeps growing,

You’ll create far more impact by
taking one—yes one!—good idea to scale.

Don’t let your org’s smartest ideas
sit forgotten and unused
in your team’s intellectual attic
(aka the shared drive).

Ideas + leadership ➡️ impact.
That’s what thought leadership practitioners aspire to create.

So, take your idea out into the world!
What are you waiting for?

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