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The Last Mile Problem

Does your org’s thought leadership have a “last mile” problem?
We put our ideas out into the world.
And we get them *close* to our audiences.
But we don’t finish the delivery.

Imagine if Amazon delivered your order
to *somewhere* in your postal code and then said —
“eh, that’s close enough ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

That’s not good enough.

Well, the same concept applies to thought leadership.

Thought leadership creates targeted influence and impact — but only if you reach the right people.

In some cases, it’s not good enough to just leave the idea at your audience’s front door. 📦

You may want proof they received the idea. You might send high-value thought leadership “signature required.” 🖋️

So, if you’re responsible for thought leadership in your org, think like a logistics company:

1. 👀 Actively look for the last mile problem in your org

Your org is probably invests a lot of time and effort creating smart thought leadership. That’s not enough. You must complete the delivery.

2. 📫 Understand and track the last mile gaps.

Where are things breaking down? Especially when you’re trying to reach VIP members of your audience.

3. 🚚 Improve your ability to deliver ideas

Your org has many people who can help you close the last mile gap. Are they comfortable talking about these ideas? Are they incented to do so?

Thanks to Polly Mitchell-Guthrie, VP of Thought Leadership at Kinaxis. She and I had a great conversation yesterday, and she inspired this “last mile” metaphor.

How does your org’s thought leadership address the “last mile” problem?

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