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The Biggest Paradox in Thought Leadership

Here’s the biggest paradox in thought leadership:

TL is simultaneously one of the weakest
And one of the most impactful
forms of marketing! 😵

I’ve been practicing TLM now for almost twenty years,
And this realization is proved true time and time again.

🕯️Weak –> If you need to fill your sales pipeline this month,
TLM is not a quick fix to a sales crisis.
TLM is the wrong tool for this problem.

☀️ Impactful –> Sustained conversations with the right audience,
where you respond to good ideas
and freely share your own leads to brand building –
elevates you, your organization, and even your ideas.

TLM is a long-term journey, but the results can be stunning.

I’ve seen people use TLM to change the general business lexicon,
introduce new ways of thinking and solving problems, and
merge ideas from two or more fields, combining them in new ways.

TL’s potential is amazing –
if you know how to use it correctly,
It can change the world. 🌏

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