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The Best Thought Leadership

The best thought leadership content has “onion skin.” 🧅
The deeper you go, the more wisdom it offers.

But here’s the big question:
“Will people remember your insights when they need it the most?” 🤔

Remember the old adage that teaches you what to do if you’re on fire?
Stop 🛑,
Drop 👇, and
Roll 🔁!

These directions are clear, memorable, and actionable.
You learn these three points quickly, yet they contain depth.

Putting out a fire 🔥 means
not panicking (stop) and
cutting the flame off from oxygen (drop and roll).

It’s simple to remember, easy to apply, yet leads us to the right action.

When people are stressed, we don’t deal well with complex ideas.
We don’t want to feel like we’re in philosophy class.

That’s why thought leadership assets need to be
the clean elegance of “stop, drop, and roll.” 🛑 👇🔁

Thought leadership needs to be
memorable, persuasive, and easy to put to use.

If you have five minutes ⌚ to teach your content,
and people can learn the primary beats,
then you’re winning.

Keep your content sharp, easy to remember, and filled with depth
The “stop, drop and roll!” of thought leadership!

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