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Success as a “Head of Thought Leadership”

What makes someone successful as a “Head of Thought Leadership” in their organization?

I’ve spoke with many people who have that title. 🏆
And there’s a common trait that’s worth calling out.

They’re zealous advocates for ideas. 💡
But the ideas don’t need to be their own.
They know how to spot 👀 good ideas and elevate them.

They’re also incredibly humble people.
They don’t seek attention for themselves.
They can perform in the spotlight. 🔦
But they don’t seek it out.

Instead, they seek *others* ideas.
And help *others* get into the spotlight. 🔦

So, if you’re new to the role as a head of thought leadership,
my advice would be to make sure that you know
how to step back,
and let others in your organization shine. 🕯️

Your role as head of thought leadership
is about taking the right ideas to scale.
The ideas that connect with your org’s objectives
And your audience’s needs.

And you become an advocate for thought leadership across the org.
You recruit others to participate. 📢

A great head of thought leadership knows when to speak up –
and when to let others do the talking.
Invite others to experience the thrill of thought leadership.
And help them succeed.
That’s how you recruit others to your work.

Finally, if you’re a new head of thought leadership.
Go talk to some other people who have that title. 🏆
And if you don’t know anyone – ask me.
I’ll be happy to make some connections!

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