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Is Your Thought Leadership Stable and Sustainable?

Is your thought leadership “wobbly”?
Or is it stable and sustainable?

Thought leadership is like a stool with three legs:

✅ or ❌ — 1. ideas you are passionate about,
✅ or ❌ — 2. ideas that create results for your org,
✅ or ❌ — 3. ideas your audience need.

So where does this go wrong?

If you ✅ 2 and 3, but you ❌ 1, then
you’ll bore yourself and you won’t put in the effort.

If you ✅1 and 3, but ❌ 2, then
you won’t get budget and resources for the work.

If you ✅ 1 and 2, but ❌ 3, then
you bore your audience, and they will tune you out.

Your thought leadership needs to satisfy all three criteria for it to reach scale.

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