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Spreading Ideas with Thought Leadership

Many orgs treat thought leadership like fast-fashion.
Wear it for a season and then move on 🗑️.
Some leaders get impatient:
“What’s our big new idea/theme for *next* year?”
That’s a big red-flag warning 🚩-.
Thought leadership needs time to spread and grow. 🌱

I’ve worked in thought leadership for twenty years.
And here’s a pattern I’ve seen.

*You* will get tired with your big idea looong before  your audience will be tired of hearing about it.


We all have a voice in our head that asks:
“Am I repeating myself?”

When it comes to thought leadership,
we need to mute that worry.

It’s possible to have this patience individually.
But orgs need to collectively mute this worry.

And that’s not easy.

If you want your idea to
spread further
inspire people to act and
produce greater impact —
then your org needs patience.

The best ideas can’t reach scale
in a single quarter or even a year.

And that’s okay — because
when the idea is very good,
even a small bit of progress produces impact.

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