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Silence Kills Good Ideas

Q: What’s the best way to kill a good idea? 👿
A: Bury it on shared drive.

Silence kills good ideas.

Orgs are risk averse.
And that makes people risk averse.

It starts with a small delay. ⏰
A little bit of doubt. ❓
Add in some imposter syndrome, and a little bit of hesitation.

“This idea isn’t ready to share with the team . . . yet.”

Before you know it, you’ve wasted a ton of time. ⏰⏰⏰
You’re struggling on your own with the idea.
Rather than inviting others to help.

We all want our ideas to be perfect, 💯
but here’s a secret:
⭐ Nothing’s ever perfect. ⭐
And worse, perfectionism kills thought leadership.

Ever thought like this?

🩸 “I’m not ready to put my idea out there yet.”
🩸 “This idea isn’t good enough yet.”
🩸 “I’m sure I can make this better.

Trust me, that way lies the slow death of good ideas.

If you practice thought leadership in your org, you aren’t alone.
There are people who can help you polish the idea.
But they’re not mind-readers. 🔮
You need to invite them in to help with your thinking.

I’ve worked with thought leadership practitioners for two decades.
And I’ve had a chance to dig through their unpublished ideas.

Yes, I’ve spent decades rooting through
the intellectual attics 🏠 of really smart people.

And I when I find a smart idea, I often ask:
Me: “How did this idea get used?”
Again and again, I hear the same answer.
Them: “Nothing. I put it aside because I wasn’t sure it was done.”

Imagine if those ideas all came out 💫, found their audience 🎪, and made an impact 📈.
We’d be living in a much different world.

Thought leadership dies in silence.
It will never happen, if we don’t try.

Stop waiting for your ideas to be “perfect.”
Give them a chance to shine. 💡
Invite others to collaborate with you.

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