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Sharpen Your Targeting for 2023 Thought Leadership Success

During this time of year, many thought leadership practitioners are asking specific questions:

  • How clearly did my ideas reach their best audience?
  • Which of my target avatars have I successfully reached?
  • Who did I reach – but they didn’t embrace my insights?
  • And importantly, who didn’t I reach – but I need to?

It can be hard to measure the impact of thought leadership. “Likes” and “shares” are metrics that don’t reflect the significance of our insights to the right audience. And that’s why I’m always talking about broadcasting, narrowcasting, and pointcasting,

Broadcasting is spreading your message far and wide.

Narrowcasting is identifying your best audience and placing your content where it will be seen by the people who need it most.

Pointcasting targets your thought leadership to a single VIP individual.

Getting your insights into the hands of the audience who needs them most is a critical part of deploying powerful thought leadership.

It really makes a difference!

A new year brings a new start. A time for us to come up with even more amazing ideas, and sharpen our targeting in order to make sure that the people who most need us keep our thought leadership top-of-mind, and can find us when they’re ready to move forward.

That means clearly identifying your target avatars, and putting your content where they will see it.

That means creating a strong platform, one which shows your insights at their best.

And that means having a good strategy for your thought leadership.

Thought leadership is all about insights that move us forward. We can’t be stuck in the past, or unwilling to look for new beginnings and new methods. That kind of visionary thought is what shapes a better future – for our businesses, and for our communities.

As we move closer to the end of the year, let’s work to fill the next one with growth.

If you’d like to do a “get to know each other” or catch-up call with me, here’s a link to my calendar.

I’d love to talk shop about thought leadership with you.


Bill Sherman

Co-Founder | Org TL