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Put the “I” into your Ideas

What sparks an idea to life?
You put a your self into the idea.
Ideas on their own can be dry and abstract.

The world has enough “blah-blah” ideas.
Some ideas become a yawn 🥱 fest.
They’re ideas that *no one* cares about.
Not the creator.
And not the intended audience.
What’s missing from them?
They’re soulles.

So, invest your ideas with echoes of who *you* are.

❤️ your heart
👀 your persepctive
🙃 your humanity
❓ your curiosity
😃 your joy and enthusiasm.

When you practice thought leadership —
you put ideas out into the world.

Don’t forget to put the “I”
into your idea.

It’ll go further when it carries
small echoes of you.

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