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People (Not Orgs) Create Thought Leadership

Organizations don’t create thought leadership.
But its people surely can.
Here’s a few things a leader can do to invest in thought leadership.

A Few First Steps

🔨 Encourage people to practice thought leadership.
⌛ Give them time within their work week to do so.
✨Reward thought leadership work.

Some Next Steps

📊 Make thought leadership part of your GTM strategy.
👓 Assign someone to be responsible for the thought leadership function (curating).
💵 Link thought leadership work to incentives and compensation.

Advanced steps

🧢 Build a thought leadership talent pipeline.
👉 Make thought leadership a core competency.
📈 Implement metrics that actually track thought leadership outcomes.

How does thought leadership fit within:

Your marketing strategy?
Your overall business strategy?

And how does that investment compare with your peers?