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Our Capacity to Work Magic

We all have the capacity to work magic.
And yet, many of us overlook our potential.
When I face challenges that give *me* nightmares —
they may be quite easy for *you*.

Our capacity to work magic exists in the space where:

😱 someone else’s nightmare task overlaps with
🧁 our sweet spot

Or put it another way —
their impossible is our easy.

We see the way forward.
We have the right insights, skills, and experience.

In that moment, we have a critical choice.

We can go about our lives. And say “not my problem.”

Or we can work our magic.

We can say, “don’t worry, I’ve got this.”

And you know what?
The world needs more freaking magic.
So, go, be amazing.

Thought leadership puts insights into action.
That’s how it drives away nightmares.