Organizational Thought Leadership Strategy | Surya Kolluri

Organizational Thought Leadership Strategy | Surya Kolluri

Creating an effective strategy for your organizational thought leadership.

An interview with Surya Kolluri about strategies for forming partnerships, making content, and delivering it to your audience in an effective manner.

Today’s guest is Surya Kolluri, the managing director at Bank of America leading Thought Leadership efforts for retirement and personal wealth business services with a deep strategy background.

Surya chats with Bill about how Bank of America is forming partnerships with groups you might not typically associate with banking to create valuable thought leadership to help their clients through various life stages.  Surya shares how he is leading the team to act as a bridge between their researchers and the clients looking for solutions to complicated problems.  Plus, we discuss best practices for delivering your thought leadership so that is not only remembered but used.

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview:

  • Why organizational thought leaders should seek to form partnerships with other groups to leverage leading thinkers outside of their own company.
  • How thought leaders can create deeper and emotional connections to their clients.
  • What methods thought leaders should consider for the delivery of their message to colleagues, associates, and the outside world.

Creating an organizational thought leadership strategy within your organization can be difficult on your own. Do you need help coming up with a plan to create new partnerships? If you want to transform your organizational thought leadership, reach out to Thought Leadership Leverage.

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