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Offer Your Thought Leadership to Everyone

My grandmother was a baker,
and she taught me how to bake.
Thought leadership πŸ’‘ is like a loaf of bread. πŸ₯–
Both are meant to be consumed.
When they sit on the shelf, they will go stale.

When I was very young, my grandmother
set me to work.
She determined to teach me to bake.
She had me get the flour from the pantry
or would let me crack the eggs.

Sometimes, when the bread would
come out of the oven, it would be lopsided.
And she would grumble.
It didn’t look perfect.

But she’d put the bread on the table
and serve it with dinner.
And fresh bread tasted soooo good.

My grandmother was the only one who
saw these imperfections.
The rest of us were busy buttering the bread! 🧈πŸ”ͺ

I learned a lot about thought leadership from my grandmother.
Even though she was teaching me to bake.

The goal of the thought leadership practitioner
is much like the goal of a baker.

Get your work —
whether bread or though leadership —
into the hands of people
who are hungry for it.

Don’t let your ideas go stale on the shelf
because you are trying to achieve perfection.

Bake your ideas daily.
And then put them out on the table
for people to consume.

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