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Offend me still. Speak on.

There’s a quote from James Joyce’s “Ulysses” πŸ“– that I love very much.

“Offend me still. Speak on.”

I struggled with “thinking in public” for years. πŸ€”
Looking back πŸ‘€, I see why.
I hadn’t found my lane.

Part of it is the courage to put ideas out there.
Part is also the courage to people to share new ideas and be an active listener. 🎧

Good ideas, by their nature, are often disruptive.
Thought leadership addresses big problems,
and offers radical insight that reshapes how things work.

Thought leadership needs to transcend its origin πŸ•ŠοΈ
and reach across barriers
in order to make real change.

Thought leadership is powerful πŸ’₯!

The best thought leaders are always learning, πŸ“–
expanding their minds.
It requires us to be humble, and act with real curiosity.
To say, β€œI know something about this –
but I could know more!”

When others share their ideas,
Offer constructive criticism,
Or help us refine our insights –
That’s the best gift we can receive.

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