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Mixed Messages in Thought Leadership

“For your safety, please
do not climb on the rabbit.” ?!
Two ideas set in conflict, probably
by different parts of the same org.

Someone wanted to beautify the airport.
And they installed a cute sculpture.
One that would encourage children
to pet and sit on it as they pass by.

And someone in safety who said,
“Concrete rabbit + hard floor = unsafe.”

In thought leadership, mixed messages are all too common.

And mixed messages drive people away from your ideas.

We really want people to play with our ideas.
We hope to create impact.

But we also warn people away.

Maybe we are insecure about our ideas.
Maybe we fear criticism.
Or we tell ourselves the ideas aren’t ready.
or they are too fragile.

Ideas are a little bit dangerous.
They have sharp corners.
They might lead to a scrape.

But if people never interact with your ideas,
that’s far worse, right?

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