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Measuring the Quality of an Idea

How good are your thought leadership ideas💡? One way to measure an idea’s quality is through its potential impact. I’ve been a video-game 🎮 player most of my life. And many games classify item quality with a simple color-coded scale.

⚪ A broken soldier’s sword is junk that’s best sold for scrap. The item name appears in gray.

🟢 A pretty good sword — a captain’s sword — may have its name in green.

🟠 A legendary item, such as King Arthur’s Excalibur, might have its name in orange.

This color scheme helps players know which items they should equip immediately and which items they should sell to the nearest merchant as junk.

It’s much harder to classify ideas💡 by their quality. But, hey, let’s give it a shot.

I’ve created a table based on idea quality. And I’ve come up with six potential levels.

What do you think? Is there an idea here that’s valuable? Please help me sharpen this idea (or tell me it is junk!)