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Marketing is the Heart of Thought Leadership

What’s the beating heart ❤ of thought leadership?
Sadly, It’s not ideas 💡. Good ideas are table stakes.
I believe the heart of thought leadership is marketing and sales.

Let’s assume you (or your organization) has a really good idea.

Congratulations. ✨

That’s a really good start, but it will never be enough.

If you want your idea to reach scale, then — you need others to “buy in” to your idea.

✅ Internal colleagues
✅ Customers and clients
✅ Industry groups
✅ Regulators
✅ Media
✅ Policy Makers

Why should they give your idea any attention? 👀

Busy people don’t have time. ⏳

Good ideas are cheap.

We can watch a 💯 TEDx talks for free.

When an idea is “sold” — it’s not about money 💵 changing hands.

It means your audience says:

👂 I hear you.
🧠 I agree with you.
👉 I will take action.

And that’s the psychology of influence.

That’s the world of marketing and sales.

There’s a lot that thought leadership can learn from:

💬 social selling
🛒 point-of-purchase decisioning
🔎 account based marketing
⚙ complex enterprise sales
🤝 relationship management

Because it’s not enough to have a good idea 💡.

You need to master the marketing and sale of ideas.

Do you agree with me or disagree?