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Knowing What to Share

You’re proud of your thought leadership, πŸ†
and you share it, hoping to get constructive criticism
as well as build your audience. πŸŽͺ

But then – someone else takes your idea and runs away with it. πŸ’¨

What a nightmare!

Knowing what to share, and what to keep to your clients
is a challenge for many thought leaders.

You want to build an audience,
show your stuff,
and get your name and insights out there.

But doing so requires a little bit of savvy. πŸ€”

🌞 Do you intend to gate/protect the idea (e.g. patent or trade secret)
or is the plan to reveal the idea in full when it’s done
(as thought leadership or as a product/offering)?

🌞 If you’re the person with the actual Coca-Cola formula,
you might not want to practice public thinking about ways to improve the recipe.

🌞 But if you’re developing thought leadership
where you intend to publish and make it widely visible,
then conversation helps you sharpen the idea and find early adopters.

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