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Intellectual Attic of Ideas

When was the last time you poked around
in your intellectual attic looking for good ideas?
I recently sent an email to a client.
Asking “what ever came of this really cool idea you had?”

I’d seen their idea peeking out —
a one paragraph aside (with a really cool image) —
in one of their books.

I’ll closely read content
with a highlighter 🟡, pen 🖋️, and ruler📏.
I take notes in the margins.

I saw that idea and flagged it.
And later shot the client an email.

❓Did you develop that idea any further?
❓How have you put it to use?
❓Have you shared it with your audience?

Nope. That idea was packed up
and stored in the intellectual attic.

And had been forgotten until I mentioned it.
But it has a huge opportunity to create impact.

So, what’s in your intellectual attic?
What good ideas did you set aside?
Are they worth returning to?

Good ideas don’t reach scale on their own.
You have to keep pushing them forward.
Go check your intellectual attic.
Invite your colleagues in the org to join you.
You’ll be amazed at what you find.

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