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Insights and Culture

How do you get an organization to act differently?
I’d argue that it’s a combination of insights πŸ’‘ and culture πŸŽ€.

The insights 🌟 (thought leadership) provide a new way of thinking.
These ideas can come from within the org or outside of it.

πŸ” C-level execs
πŸ§ͺ Experts within the org (or beyond it)
πŸ†• New hires
πŸŽ“ Academics
πŸ’΅ Clients and customers

Insights can come from anywhere.
The question is – will the org take action?

Thought leadership is about taking ideas to scale.
And within the organization that means
Measurable outcomes πŸ“ˆ and often behavior change.
You must do more than just think differently.
You need to act differently.

What will people do differently after learning this material?
How will their actions change?
What benefit will this bring to the business?

Culture πŸŽ€ can be defined as β€œwhat most of the people do most of the time.”
To change that, you encourage & incentivize behavior change.

And remember,
One person’s actions won’t change an org
even if they are the CEO.

To truly affect organizational culture, you need to impact the whole org
From the ground up!

You need both insights and action.

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