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Ideas Must Serve Your Target Audience

Your best idea will go nowhere —
if it *only* serves you or your org.
Thought leadership doesn’t work that way.

So, let’s explore how this goes horribly wrong.
Some people approach thought leadership
as a way to “stack the deck” in their favor. 🎴

When you influence how people think,
You influence their core assumptions and beliefs.
You can redefine the problem-space.
And you become the logical solution provider.

Sounds spiffy so far, right?

Yet, somewhere along the way.
The whole project forgets about the audience.
The audience becomes “targets” to be reached —
rather than people with their own needs.

If you want your idea to reach scale,
then it must make things better
for your target audience.

Equip your audience with ideas they need.
Give *them* an unfair advantage.
Help your audience:

⛔ Avoid risk
🏆Reach greater success
🕐 Save time
❤️ Reduce heartache

Your thought leadership reaches scale when you
focus on the needs of your audience.

When you do that consistently —
this habit becomes *your* org’s unfair advantage.

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