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Ideas and Legacy

I’ve spent part of today thinking about legacy—
because the ideas that we advocate will often predict
the impact we eventually make in the world.
So, if you practice thought leadership, then

💡What ideas do you put on stage?
💡Which ones do you shine a spotlight on?

When an insight reaches scale, it can outlive any or all of us.

A professional career—or even a life—can be measured by the
insights we *choose* to amplify and elevate.

Now, maybe today is a day where you’re just trying to get by.
Or perhaps it’s a day where you said “sure, whatever.”

But don’t make every day like that.

So—here’s a bit of advice

✨Pick good ideas

📢 Advocate for them passionately

🎗️Build a legacy you will be deeply proud of

And on that note, I have a few things to work on.
What about you?

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